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Vacation Scholarships

The primary objective of AB-CRC Vacation Scholarships is to encourage undergraduate students to pursue research in areas involved in national biosecurity and emerging infectious diseases.

Description of the Award

AB-CRC Vacation Scholarships provide financial support, in the form of a living allowance of $1,500, to students undertaking a short research project within an existing AB-CRC project. The student must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree at one of the partner institutions of the AB-CRC and have successfully completed at least two years of their undergraduate degree.

How to Apply

Applications due by 31 October 2009.

Students are required to consult with potential supervisors before submitting the application. Applications should be made using the Vacation Scholarships Application Form. Please consult the Vacation Scholarships Policy for conditions of the scholarship.

If you have any questions about the vacation scholarships, please email Erin Rummer or phone her at 08092661644.

Read the reports from previous Vacation Scholarship Recipients

Ben Payne: The Molecular Epidemiology of Australian Orbiviruses

"...it was a good feeling to know that the work I had done would contribute to a better understanding of these Australian orbiviruses."

Charlene Sim: Epidemiology of avian influenza in aquatic birds in northern Queensland

"The project was a highlight; encouraging my interest in the avian species and epidemiology of infectious diseases, and affirming my desire to pursue further research in the field."

Cara Nethercott: Molecular and immunological investigations of bat-virus interactions

 "The six weeks at AAHL was an amazing experience. I not only learnt and improved so many techniques, but also developed an understanding and appreciation for the world of research beyond the undergraduate laboratories."

Amy Burroughs: Epidemiological Features of Coronaviruses in Bats in Australia

"At the end of my six weeks, I felt that I had learnt a lot about the complex nature of viruses (in particular SARS CoV) and how by constantly mutating they are able to survive in hosts other than the natural maintenance host."

Eva Tang: Evaluation of the implementation of the PigPass movement notices and the PigPass quality assurance program in NSW

"The traveling, meeting different people and talking to them, getting up early to see our beautiful landscape and capturing it, as well as having nice food, have make the scholarship enjoyable and educational. "

Andrew Nguyen: Application of an ELISA for the identification of mosquito blood meals collected from urban habitats

" (this project) has also given me an understanding of the many interconnected processes and facilities that constitute the large web of public health preservation and infectious disease surveillance in Australia."

Tim Sladden: Optimisation of Leptospira isolation from reservoir vertebrates under field conditions

"This summer project has given me the opportunity to experience a side of my degree that very few people have had a chance to appreciate, and to discover how rewarding research work can be."

Linda Ly: Development of differential diagnostic tests for medically significant Flaviviruses

"This experience was extremely rewarding, because it allowed me to get to know staff and lecturers on a more personal level that no other courses I have ever attended could really offer."

Mary Wu: Assessment of compliance with NSW branded legislation of peri-urban and regional saleyards and abattoirs

"Overall, I had a fantastic time over this summer, made especially enjoyable because of the support I received from the entire Pig Group at Sydney University."

Yuna Lee: Pandemic influenza: developing a model to enhance preparedness in the business sector. A pilot study to assess economic preparedness

"Through my project and my exposure to all the work done at AB-CRC, I have gained a real sense of how powerful research can be when applied in a practical way for the benefit of the population."

Peter Thompson: Pandemic influenza: developing a model to enhance preparedness in the business sector. A pilot study to assess economic preparedness

"The topics I was researching, were an interesting blend of science, health and business, relevant to my university studies."

Jen Girschik: What will make outbreak algorithms useful from the end-user viewpoint?

"The AB-CRC summer scholarship has allowed me to apply my university skills in a practical setting and been a challenging and rewarding experience."

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